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Injection moulds making

Injection moulds making Injection moulds making Injection moulds making Injection moulds making

Product name:Injection moulds making



 1. Definition of mold

Mold is a mold cavity tool with a certain shape and size. It is used with various systems or auxiliary mechanisms in the mold to fill the mold cavity with a variety of high-temperature liquid materials (plastics or metal alloys, etc.) to produce industrial parts with a specific shape, size, function and quality.


2. Function of the mold

In the products such as electronics, automobile, motor, instrument, electric appliance, instrument, household appliance and communication, 60% - 80% of the parts and components must be moulded.The high accuracy, high complexity, high consistency, high productivity and low consumption of parts produced by molds can not be compared with other processing methods.Mold is also "benefit amplifier", with the mold production of the final product value, is often the mold itself value of dozens, hundreds of times.At present, the annual output value of moulds in the world is about 60 billion us dollars.


1) mold industry is an integral part of high-tech industry.For example, the design and manufacturing of integrated circuits belonging to the high-tech field cannot be done without precision progressive die for lead frame and precision IC plastic seal film.The housing, plug-ins and many components of the calculator must also be manufactured with precision plastic molds and precision stamping molds.The development of digital electronic products, including communications products, cannot be achieved without precision moulds.


(2) mold industry is an important field of high-tech industrialization.The technical level of mold manufacturing and the technical improvement of mold industry are inseparable from the high-tech grafting

(3) Mould industry is an integral part of equipment industry.As the basic process equipment, mold naturally has its important position in the equipment industry.

(4) the important status of the mold industry also lies in the five pillar industries of the national economy -- machinery, electronics, automobile, petrochemical and architecture all require the development of the mold industry to correspond with it, so as to meet the development needs of the five pillar industries


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