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SLA 3D printing

SLA 3D printing SLA 3D printing SLA 3D printing SLA 3D printing

Product name:SLA 3D printing



 Overview of SLA 3D printing process

StereoLithography (SLA) refers to the forming method of curing layer by layer and generating three-dimensional entity by means of polymerization of liquid photosensitive resin under uv irradiation.

 SLA process principles

The SLA process principle is shown in the following picture.The liquid photosensitive resin is filled in the liquid tank. The ultraviolet wavelength laser beam is applied on the liquid surface under the action of the deflector. Scanning by section profile information, the radiated liquid solidifies where the dot passes.In this way, a plane scan is processed to produce a layer corresponding to the stratified plane map, and is firmly bonded to the solidified part of the previous layer, so that the entire workpiece is known to be completed repeatedly.Generally, the workpiece adopting SLA process also needs subsequent processing, including cleaning, deregistration, grinding, recuring, etc., in order to obtain the products that meet the requirements.For color models, a later coloring process is required.

2.Advantages of SLA process.

A. High precision, smooth surface, large size products can be processed

B. A wide range of resins to meet various performance requirements

C. Fast speed and short cycle

3.SLA process scope

A. Rapid processing of high-precision, high-surface quality and multi-detail hand-plate samples can be used for visual verification, assembly check and, in some cases, functional testing.

B. special materials (usually used for short periods of time), such as heat-resistant resins, that are specific to particular requirements

Printing product surface quality, high accuracy, can be used in casting mold.

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